1. I did some more things. Presents for pretty ladies.

  2. I knit a thing. Its a headband.

  3. So even though this cardigan hasn’t been blocked or sewn together yet and even though this is the worst photo ever I am beyond stupid excited because LOOK WHAT I DID! I still have to knit a button band too but the big pieces are done and the big picture is in front of my face and holy moly poly oly coly foly soly roly toly poop I am done! Well, not done. But I’m done!!!

    The sleeves might be a little too short, I’m worried I might have to redo them. So this could be a bad time to post this but I can’t help myself cause lookit, look what I done with my hands.

  4. One more beer cozy, another birthday gift. Probably the best one I’ve made so far.

  5. Beer cozies I have knit recently. I’m working on a cardigan for Chad right now. Its a big project that I have to knit in pieces. I’ve been working on it for most of this school quarter and I’m no where near finished. I find it encouraging to put it down at times and to knit a quick cozy here and there. It reminds me that I can actually finish something and that I’m not wasting my time as long as I just keep trying and follow through.

    The first one is my own cozy, the second is a birthday gift, and the third is just one to sit around the house in case a guest needs to use it (I chose to not label it with the word beer because I can’t figure out what color would look good with all of the other colors on there).

  6. Smoke from the rubber fire of February 8th, 2014, Savannah, GA.

  7. Smoke from the rubber fire of February 8th, 2014, Savannah, GA.

  8. My pretty little house kitty, 2014.

  9. Where the alley cats live, 2014.

  10. A dead alley cat, 2014.