1. Caroline Smith and Amelia Thompson modeling fashion designer Tracy Austin’s SCAD senior collection, 2014.

  2. Caroline Smith modeling jewelry made by Rachel Spivey, 2014.

  3. Some trees, 2014.

  4. My pretty kitty, 2014.

  5. Self-portrait, September 2014, Savannah, GA.

  6. Christmas knitting has begun.

    This is for my mother. It is a cowl, it is one continuous braided cable (my first time doing cables). I put in the white because I ran out of blue, but I kind of like the weird chunk of random color, so I’m going to make a lot of these cowls like that. The pattern is Clara’s Cowl by Gretchen Ronnevik.

  7. I finally finished the button band and the sewing up of my first cardigan.

    Honestly, its not very good. The sleeves didn’t fit on right but I forced them, and the button band didn’t fit on right, but I forced it. Turns out I’m pretty crappy at the whole thing, but I think what matters is that I did it. Chad had a sweater like this when he was really young and hasn’t ever been able to find another one. He’s been trying to find someone to make one for him for years now. This sweater is the reason I felt motivated to finally teach myself knitting. So even though the craftsmanship isn’t exactly fantastic and the whole thing is made out of acrylic because I can’t afford to make him a nice sweater with nice yarn, its still… made. I suppose this is one of those “its the thought that counts” things.

    Since starting on this sweater I’ve gotten a lot better at knitting, and I think maybe one day I will try again with nice yarn and more skill. But for now this will do, and if he is happy then I am happy.

    Plus its finally fucking finished and I can pick up other projects without a sinking pit of guilt and despair in my stomach. That’s pretty cool.

  8. I’m makin’ socks y’all! Its thicker yarn and my first attempt so they’re dinky and too fluffy to wear with shoes but they are very soft and 100% cotton and a present for a friend who I do not think will mind the dinky-ness.

    I’m hoping to get real sock needles soon after a pair or two more of these worsted weight ones (for practice) and then start making real and very nice socks. Its about time to start my Christmas knitting anyway.


  9. A personal essay about place.

    "So Whose Complaining: the Grand Tour"

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  10. I made a mouse for my friend’s cat’s birthday. I will make another for my own cat very soon.