1. I’m makin’ socks y’all! Its thicker yarn and my first attempt so they’re dinky and too fluffy to wear with shoes but they are very soft and 100% cotton and a present for a friend who I do not think will mind the dinky-ness.

    I’m hoping to get real sock needles soon after a pair or two more of these worsted weight ones (for practice) and then start making real and very nice socks. Its about time to start my Christmas knitting anyway.


  2. A personal essay about place.

    "So Whose Complaining: the Grand Tour"

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  3. I made a mouse for my friend’s cat’s birthday. I will make another for my own cat very soon.

  4. I redid this hat 

    which was supposed to be a rip off of this hat

    and I think the second one came out almost perfect. Its a little pointy in comparison but I’m happy and I think the person I am giving it to will be happy too.

  5. PAL PAL

    Hand-carved in linoleum, hand-printed in pink on drawing paper.

    I recently was approached about selling some of my knitting in a local boutique here in Savannah and figured it was about time I started “branding” myself, so this is what I came up with for my “logo” thing.

    This is just a rough draft of sorts. In a couple of weeks I’ll have access to an actual press, so things should be a lot smoother once I can print on better paper with a press. The next step is to design a stencil for the shape of my tags. I should probably look into a website too, but I’m okay with this dinky tumblr for now.

    Its fun to get serious about yourself~

  6. Yesterday, I bought beer for myself for the very first time. And by “for myself” I mean for the first time without considering anyone else in the purchase, without considering if anyone else would want that kind of beer or if I should get more just in case. It was the first time I went to the store, wanted some beer, and bought it without the aid of someone who was of age. I haven’t felt so powerful in a long time, and so I documented it.

    Yesterday, I finished a beanie I’d been working on for a few days. Its a present for a friend and I rushed it so that I could get it to her faster, so it’s actually a lot smaller than I would have wanted. I still have tons of the same yarn though so I am going to try again and not rush it and make it the length and size I want and give her the right one at a later date.

    Yesterday, I got a raise, started an embroidery project, knitted a headband, and picked up the last piece of Chad’s cardigan for the first time in nine million years.

    As of today I am a senior in college, working two jobs, living by myself, and buying my own god damn beer. I’m doin’ alright, thanks for asking.

  7. A bush outside my window, the alley house, 2014.


  8. An evening view from my window, the alley house, 2014.


  9. An evening view from where I lay my head, the alley house, 2014.

  10. Laurel walking away as Shannon kisses Caroline’s head on her birthday.

    2014, film.